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Zapotec Course

The Zapotec language(s) are a group of closely related indigenous Mesoamerican languages spoken by the Zapotec people from Mexico’s southwestern-central highlands region. Present-day numbers of native speakers are estimated at over half a million, with the majority inhabiting the state of Oaxaca. The Zapotec we teach at Becari is from the Valley of Oaxaca.
Zapotec languages are tonal, as are Otomanguean languages generally. They differ in the number of contrasting tones they have.
Zapotec languages vary considerably. Some characteristics of Zapotec grammar common to the language family (though not necessarily present in all members) are:
  • An extensive third person pronoun system based on noun classes such as divinity, babies, animals, objects (inanimate), etc.
  • A distinction in the first person plural (“we”) as to inclusive (including the hearer(s)) and exclusive (not including the hearer(s))
  • A frequent under-specificity of singular/plural distinctions.
The Zapotec course consists of three hours every day. You can register for one week or as many weeks as you wish.

The cost is the same as for Regular Spanish lessons.