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July in Oaxaca… Live the magic of the Guelaguetza

La Guelaguetza is the ultimate celebration of the State of Oaxaca. It is one of the most representative festivals for Oaxacans and their visitors. In Zapotec, the magical word Guelaguetza means to give or to offer. This celebration was born from the fusion of two cultures and traditions: The Corpus celebration from the Carmen Alto church in Oaxaca and the feast of Centéotl, the corn goddess of the Zapotecs. Both took place in late July.
This union gave rise to El Lunes del Cerro (Monday of the hill), a festival that takes place at El Cerro del Fortín, still celebrated on the last two Mondays of July along with the Guelaguetza. The eight regions of the state of Oaxaca participate in this extraordinary celebration offering their traditional dances, costumes and food that characterize each of the regions. For two weeks locals and visitors enjoy days of fiesta, food, mezcal fairs, handicrafts, calendas, and much more.
This 2020 the Guelaguetza will be present virtually, sharing with the locals and visitors the magic of our ultimate fiesta. We invite you to enjoy it with us!