M. Bravo #210, Oaxaca, Mexico
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CRIT Oaxaca

What is CRIT Oaxaca?

Oaxaca has a population of 3,228,895 inhabitants of which 343,000 have a disability and of those, about 92,000 are children. The CRIT Oaxaca serves people from other states such as Veracruz, Puebla, Chiapas and Guerrero. Telethon Foundation is a project of national unity, which, through values such as love, generosity and solidarity, has succeeded in convening all of Mexico with the firm intention to promote a better quality of life for children and youth with disabilities and cancer.

How you can help

CRIT will show volunteers who do not have experience working with handicapped children how to help them with their rehabilitation.

Assist the trainers during the children’s water aerobics and activities.

Help in the store (this varies)

How to volunteer

Volunteers will have an interview during the morning to fill out an application. Since there are different shifts to work, they must specify which shift they prefer.

Volunteers need to be older than 18

Volunteers need to have an Intermediate level in SpanishVolunteers do not need to have experience in special education.

Contact info

San Raymundo Jalpan
Distrito del Centro, Oaxaca