M. Bravo #210, Oaxaca, Mexico
+52 951 514 6076
+52 951 135 6182

Centro de Esperanza Infantíl

What is Centro de Esperanza Infantil?

Centro de Esperanza Infantil is an organization that helps the poor children of Oaxaca. At the Center, they provide nutritious meals, medical care, a kindergarten, and all support necessary to prepare and assist these children as they enter public school. There are already 600 kids enrolled in this program.

There is a comedor where all the kids who are part of this program can come and have la comida for free (Monday to Friday), about 70 to 80 kids come every day.

How you can help

In the comedor (dining room): cleaning, cooking, serving, supervising

In the pre-school: helping the teacher, teaching English

Library: supervising, organize projects/activities, lead art and crafts classes, help kids with their homework

Computers: lessons, supervising

English: organizing programs (for volunteers who are staying for at least two months)

Translation (as needed): We frequently need help with translation. This occurs throughout the year, but is especially necessary at the end of the summer when the children are writing letters to their sponsors.

Please let the center know if you are available for translation services and note your fluency in Spanish, English and any other language you speak.

Tutor: We often need people to simply help the kids with their homework. We have some really good books in the library to help.

Doctor/Nurse/Health Professional: Our medical station is staffed with volunteer health professionals through whom the families in the program are able to access free medical care at a basic level. If you or someone you know is a health professional and is able to commit time to volunteer in our medical office, please let us know.

During the summer (July-September): We do our yearly update of our children’s files. The kind of work that you could get involved in could be taking photos of the children, scanning letters, doing translations and preparing school supplies packages, etc.

How to volunteer

Contact either Centro de Esperanza Infantil or contact Becari and we will arrange it for you.

Contact info

Centro de Esperanza Infantil A.C.
Crespo St. 308
Phone: +52 (951) 501-1069
Oaxaca, Oax., 68000
Email: coordinator@oaxacastreetchildrengrassroots.org